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Free eBook - The Business of Public Accounting | Volume 1

March 1st-30th, 2015 | , |
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Free eBook - Million Dollar Firm

March 1st-30th, 2015 | , |
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A Day with the Disrupters - 24/7 Online Learning Portal

March 1st-30th, 2015 | , |
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Practice Development Challenge

Principa's Practice Development Challenge

"The Challenge is a four month planning process that starts with an intensive two day workshop. The objective of the Challenge...""

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Ric Payne's Blog

Personal Development first: Warren Buffet's View

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine about those so-called personal development gurus like Dale Carneigie, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Stephen R. Covey, Napoleon Hill, Jack Canfield and many others who, I must say, have played a major role in my life and my outlook on people and life. My friend’s rather […]

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